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“Capturing raw emotion of flabergasting stories.”

Hailing from Gurugram, we are a premium media and entertainment-based company. Our tribe consists of uniquely talented individuals that are passionate about filmmaking.

Vision & Mission

We believe vehemently in the notion of shooting films with a magnanimous sense of purpose and meaning. We believe it is the best medium to express our point of view. We aim to leverage our ideologies through this art form that is ever-expanding and ever-transforming.

We customize our services according to the client’s needs where we exclusively offer:

  • Free initial consultation
  • Extensive meetings with clients
  • Business and financial advice
  • Fixed annual fee and easy payment terms

 We have been in the industry for many years building on our skills and talent towards a greater height. And over the years, we have garnered testimonials and reviews from our clients.

Niz Gautam Films are ready with lights, cameras and action to transform your stories into reality.

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“Conveying powerful stories with human emotion.”

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